Many schools waste their money on cardboard kits that take forever to assemble and don't look quite like the catalog photos. Do you wish there was another, higher quality choice? Look no further - MelRhea Balloon Creations is your local source for fabulous prom décor!

With MelRhea Balloon Creations, we let you decide:
You choose the décor - then we do all the decorating while you enjoy your day, OR
We will work side-by-side with your prom committee, providing hands-on assistance to create the prom you’ve always dreamed of.

What national “prom catalog” gives you an experienced professional team on-site to help you with every inch of décor? None that we know of…

…But you now have a choice – MelRhea Balloon Creations is here to help with quality décor, professional service, and affordable prices! Call us today for your free consultation.

Don’t forget that we also have balloon décor for homecomings, school dances, sporting events, awards banquets and graduations! Call us for your next big event!

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